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Your route to energy law expertise starts at Tulane.

The energy industries are among the most regulated in the world, and their evolution to meet the monumental challenges of the 21st century requires informed, confident legal experts.

Start training to be one.

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Tulane Law School wants to launch you to the forefront of today’s most vital industries. 

Whether you work for a regulated industry like oil, gas, electric or nuclear power or you are pursuing a career with a regulating agency or an advocacy group, the online MJ in Energy Law offers the foundation of legal knowledge you need to forge an exciting and lucrative career path. 

Meet the complexity of the ever-evolving regulations in these dynamic areas with a degree from a renowned leader in legal education, taught by an expert practitioner faculty.

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Expert Faculty
Courses for the online MJ in Energy Law are designed and led by active professionals who don’t just study energy industry regulations, they live them.

Top Ranked
Tulane Law School ranks No. 17 nationally in Environmental Law,1 the crucial legal basis upon which our specialized Energy Law curriculum is built.

Customizable Curriculum
Tailor your experience in the program to your specific industry and career goals, with electives available in hazardous waste law, fossil fuel regulations, renewable energy and more.

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Built in the Gulf Coast. Relevant nationwide.

The Gulf Coast is one of the most crucial regions for both long-standing and emerging energy industries in the U.S. The online classes you will take at Tulane Law School package insights forged here into lessons that are applicable across the nation.

Courses in the program deliver deep expertise in regulations covering the oil and gas industries, capitalize on our deep familiarity with clean water laws and other environmental regulations that all businesses operating in the region must respect, and look toward the future of energy technology and the evolving regulatory framework that will accompany our global transition to renewable energy sources. 

Financial Aid Is Available

Evaluating how to pay for your master's degree is an important part of your consideration process. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. We can put you in touch with a financial aid advisor who can answer your questions.

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Designed for tomorrow's legal innovators.

Tulane Law School is also home to the Center for Energy Law, a hub of industry innovation and legal expertise intent on advancing conversations around the complex body of energy regulations.

The Center for Energy Law works to define the scope and purpose of “energy law” as an academic discipline and regulatory framework, holds an annual conference of the top minds in the industry and field of law, and offers unique career-building opportunities like company tours and field visits. Embrace the prestige these thought leaders and innovators bring to Tulane law School.

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